Customer-Centric Entity

Customer-Centric Entity: Norma Shaheen, Divisional Manager At Al Masaood Rentals

Tell us about your role with Al Masaood Rentals?

I am currently serving as the divisional manager of Al Masaood Rentals. My expertise mostly lies in sales, business development, procurement, project coordination, and management. As the divisional manager, I oversee day-to-day operations, manage the P&L, lead the team, and work across all the functions for Strategies and Budgets.

How long has Al Masaood Rentals been around for?

We have offered this facility for nearly a decade, under different configurations. Now, this Division combines a number of lines of product to better serve our Clients. We provide a wide range of products that caters to Events, such as Sports Days, Fairs and Exhibitions, Product Launches etc. Another channel for us are construction site requirements – including site offices, temporary accommodations, generators with associated accessories, tower lights and fence. As a customer-centric entity, we ensure adoption of the latest technologies in our fleet to meet the needs and expectations of the market.

What is your product range?

Our rental fleet consists of temporary buildings, fencing and barriers, modified containers, catering facilities, ablution units, power generation, mobile lighting etc. All these products are quick solutions to cater to the needs and requirements of any event for any duration, from a day to several months. With the help of these products, the venue of any event, particularly held in an open area, can be built from scratch within no time.

What is new in the product range?

The world is evolving with emphasis being laid on sustainable products and solutions. Therefore, we are continually seeking sustainable and innovative solutions as well as strengthening our partnerships to provide advanced products from across the world to our customers. We believe it is important to update our product lineup to fulfill the constantly changing demands and requirements of our customers.

How does your product range cater to different projects i.e Formula 1, the mother of the Nation, Tal Moreeb?

Al Masaood Rentals provides quick solutions to organizers hosting premier events in line with our commitment to serve the requirements of Abu Dhabi and the UAE as a hub for international level tournaments and events. We provided over 150 cabins, toilets, facilities for People of Determination, ablution units, offices, kitchen units, reefers, storage, accreditation offices and tower lights to the Yas Marina Circuit during one of the most decorated events that the UAE has been hosting for the past years. Similarly, we also provided these solutions during the Liwa festival at Moreeb Dunes and the “Mother of the Nation” event.

Tell us about your latest projects?

We have been a part of many prestigious events in Yas Marina Circuit, Liwa festival, and Mother of the Nation. For 2023, we are already preparing for a number of events and are very excited about the future of the business.

How was the year 2022 for Al Masaood Rentals?

It was a significant year for Al Masaood Rentals as we set in place our new Strategy and collaborated with many organizations across the board and are pleased to see them coming back to us for new events and expanded lineups.

How do you see Al Masaood Rentals growing and expanding in 2023?

Al Masaood Rentals has supported several projects and events over the years and plans to further cement its position in the rental sector in the UAE and GCC making available a wider selection of products that can meet the needs of all industries.

Norma Shaheen, General Manager at Al Masaood Rentals, speaks to Business Today Middle East & Construction Business News Middle East on the rise of Al Masood Rentals and the impact it is making for their clients.