Al Masaood Equipment Rental elevates event solutions

Al Masaood Equipment Rental elevates event solutions

Abu Dhabi’s activities scene is buzzing like never before. With ongoing exciting events, the city is a hive of activity, pulsing with the energy of both public and private gatherings. It’s a place where the global community comes alive, uniting to share, celebrate, and create cherished moments.

As the calendar of events becomes increasingly packed, the collaboration of multiple parties is essential to enable attendees to engage and create unforgettable experiences. It’s clear that a crucial element for any successful event is robust logistical support throughout both the planning and execution phases.

We can see how logistics has evolved in today’s world, affording cost-effective rental options that streamline operations for event organisers. A reputable rental company will not only fetch all the necessary equipment but will also keep our guests safe and create a distinctive atmosphere for events of various natures.

Al Masaood Equipment Rental L.L.C, the rental arm of Al Masaood Group, took the lead in this prime opportunity to deliver rental solutions for events across the UAE. The division’s tech-driven products are custom-designed to add value and better serve the companies and event attendees alike. We have seen events that run anywhere from one or two days to ones that extend to months on end.

In response, Al Masaood Equipment Rental offers customers both short and long-term lease options. On a daily or monthly basis, the division provides 24-hour support services for water and waste management, cleaning services, as well as consumables to ensure successful and smoothly running events.


Synergising events in the UAE

As the leading supplier of a multitude of events in the country, Al Masaood Equipment Rental’s products are a way to elevate a venue to the next level, enabling our ability to innovate by using space transforming temporary buildings. Their products and services cater to various fleets of rental solutions that can be tailored to fit the needs of every moment.

From sports days to fairs and exhibitions, product launches, and many more, Al Masaood Equipment Rental’s site requirements cover all logistics provisions including fencing and barriers, temporary structures such as site offices, showers, mosques, modified containers, industrial kitchen units, ablution units of different sizes and layouts, power generation, and mobile lighting.

For nearly a decade, Al Masaood Equipment Rental has rolled out rapid solutions to support both large and small-scale events in the UAE. This reflects their commitment to facilitating the goals of Abu Dhabi and the UAE as a hub for international tournaments and stages.

Recently, Al Masaood Equipment Rental has significantly contributed to the success of landmark events such as the UAE Tour, ADNOC Abu Dhabi Marathon, Abu Dhabi Run and Ride, Dubai Run, Emirates Dubai Rugby 7s, Mother of the Nation, Abu Dhabi’s Spartan Competition, Market Outside the Box (MOTB) Dubai, Sheikh Zayed Festival, Abu Dhabi Boat Show, and many others, showcasing the company’s ability to handle diverse and challenging logistics requirements.

In one of Abu Dhabi’s most high-profile events hosted by Yas Marina Circuit, Al Masaood Equipment Rental has extended logistical support, presenting over 150 cabins, ablution units, facilities for People of Determination, offices, kitchen units, reefers, storage, accreditation offices, and tower lights.

With years of experience in diverse projects and festivities, Al Masaood Equipment Rental continues to reshape its product lines with sustainability at its core to respond to the constantly shifting demands and requirements of all businesses in the UAE and GCC.


By Norma Shaheen, General Manager, Al Masaood Equipment Rental